The prospect of translation is often a source of worry

You, the translation buyer, hold the key to the quality of the translation you will be getting. In addition to selecting a reputable translation provider, you can also contribute in many ways to the quality of your final product.

Let us know what you need...

  • Do you need the translation for simple information purpose (a ´for information´ document) or is your document intended for publication?
  • Determine the target group for the translation: not only geographically, but also is it a text written for specialists or rather meant for the average man in the street,...?

Additional information is always welcome

  • For consistency, please attach similar work translated in the past supplying us with both the original and the translated text (preferably in electronic version).
  • Provide the translator with illustrations, even if they contain nothing to translate: they can resolve ambiguities.

Urgent translation

  • Based on an average between 1,500 and 3,000 words a day (depending on the complexity) a job becomes urgent if work in the evening or even through the night is required, or if the translator has to compromise an ongoing project for it. This may entail a higher cost. It is always possible to split the text amongst a team of translators, but this can present a difference in style.

Feedback and long-term relationship

  • We welcome your feedback on the work completed. It will help to keep your specific requirements in mind next time around.
  • Understanding your business philosophy and the nature of your products will undoubtedly contribute: Conducta’s success has been built on long-term relationships with clients, based on mutual trust, respect and co-operation. A long term relationship that you can rely on.

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