Sworn translations / legalized translations

A sworn translation is performed and signed by an authorized sworn translator = a professional translator, qualified by the court, who has sworn an oath before the legal body in his or her court district.

Sometimes a step further is needed and a legalized / certified translation is wanted. Therefore, in some countries, such as Belgium, the court’s confirmation (legalisation) is needed; in other countries, your documents might need further stamps of other organisations.

Book translations

For managing a large project like the translation of a book we can rely on our experience to find the most appropriate team of qualified translators or copy-editors. Translating a book is fun, but also hard: the team becomes the voice of the writer and has to pay attention to cultural, historic and linguistic aspects.

Feel welcome to contact us with any inquiries.

Text revision

The first impression is very important

We can certainly give you a hand with this. How does your text come across? Try it out with an extra pair of eyes... of a proofreader.

The competition is intensifying and has a keener eye

Natural and persuasive communication is crucial. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to have your writings proofread. Before you send them out, contact us so we can take a close look at your measured words and ideas. This way, your text will have the effect you have in mind. This extra angle can only elevate your professionalism and reputation.

A fresh perspective on your Dutch texts

If you send us a text, we will return to you two documents:
» a version redacted by us, a ‘cleaned’ document ready to be used;
» an ‘uncleaned’ document showing our modifications.

You stay involved!

It is and continues to be your document. Use us as a test public. We will read through your text calmly and with interest, as would your target public. In a short amount of time we will make suggestions about the things that need polishing up and how best to do that. We will stay in touch with you via e-mail and you will receive well-considered feedback.